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Many homes these days have garages and whether those garages are attached to the building or stand alone most people prefer having a minimum of one garage door window installed. Garage door window inserts allow some natural light into the structure, but that is not the only purpose for this addition. They also add more appeal to the property.

Other than the aesthetic value brought to the home, there is the fact that rooms with windows appear.
Garage Door Window Inserts
When adding garage door window inserts, the first step is to take a measurement of the desired area. These measurements allow for proper preparations prior to installation. For one thing, it is critical that homeowners wishing to install a garage door window shop for a product that will fit perfectly into the desired opening. This is what the measurements are for.

Garage doors are typically designed with panels that can be removed, providing the appropriate place to install a window. Others can be custom made and fit with windows prior to installing the entire door. However, we will be addressing the retrofit kind.

Once the panel has been removed, this is where most garage door window inserts are installed. The cut out panel may provide just enough room for the window to slide in, but sometimes the homeowner desires to have special trim installed for a more pleasing look, and this can require a larger hole.

Prefabricated garage door windows are available from most home improvement stores, but many garage door specialty companies supply them as well. These windows are made for strength and durability, and since they are made specifically for garage doors, look great once in place.

While a majority of people hire a contractor for this type of project, a trend has developed over the years for some homeowners to do the work themselves. Before attempting a project that one is not familiar with, it is critical to get some instructions from someone who is. Home improvement stores typically offer instructional videos and other helpful tips, and can be easily accessed for the assistance provided.

To make certain that garage door window inserts are air and weather tight, a bit of caulking around the edges is desirable. Waterproof caulking should be applied to the window framing or window itself before placing it in the hole, and excess wiped away with a damp cloth or paper towel to create a smooth finish. Screw it in place and the job is pretty much finished unless there is some trim to apply.

Adding a garage door window is not at all expensive. Many can be installed by a professional for as little as $100, and be ready to use in a matter of about an hour when professionals do the installation.
There are many styles to choose from, so any homeowner should be able to find one that suits their desire to change the look of their home and add a bit of light. 
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