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Homeowners carefully select the best landscapers and gardeners in town to make the outside of their home look beautiful. Curb appeal isn't just something to think about before putting a place up for sale. It is a way of greeting visitors warmly and giving passersby a good feeling just by looking at a pleasant package of home and yard.

For some reason the condition of the American garage door is seldom included as part of that wellness package. Yet, a drive through small communities and huge suburbs shows that most garage doors face the street. It is easy to see they are a vital part of your home's display.
American Garage Door System
An all-around favorite is the sectional roll-up, an American favorite with room for diversity. The lift can be done by hand or by using a remote control. In addition to tracks for standard height garages, low-headroom track can be ordered when needed. The roll-up is so popular that special tracks have been designed to accommodate cathedral ceilings and structures with exceptional high walls.

Advanced design of the sectional roll-up creates a more appealing look than just three or four horizontal panels. Sections now include shapes filled with frosted plastic or shatterproof glass panels that permit light to filter into the garage. The look is charming and the extra light invaluable. The door is still able to lift and slide back along the track, resting below the ceiling where it is out of the way.

Country estate homes may feature swing out carriage-house doors that add to the classic charm of the manor. The disadvantage of this type of garage door is the amount of clearance required when the doors open over the driveway. Along with sliding barn doors, the swing outs require no overhead tracking system.

The US underwent a wave of growth during the 1960s and 1970s. Thousands of small subdivisions were built with attached garages. The American garage door was suddenly a wooden tilt-up, ideal because it could be stained or painted in any color to match or complement the home's exterior. Disadvantages included:

  • weight of the door as it was lifted.
  • inferior springs and hardware used in installation.
  • requirement to stop the car away from the garage so it was not bumped when the door lifted outward.
  • ineffective sealing when closed provided access to wind and rain.

Decades later, the original door still exists with some repair generally given the springs and cables. However, parts are harder to find. Today's improved mediums are lighter and easier to use, making the choice to replace the old doors a sensible decision.

Aluminum overhead American garage doors are fairly inexpensive. The frames are made of lightweight materials like polyethylene. That makes them light enough that even an oversized double door puts a low amount of strain on the operating mechanism.

Think of the things that affect garage doors, such as basketballs, vehicles and skateboards. The front of the garage is one of the most common ways of walking into the house that exists. Getting the right door for this part of your home provides more curb appeal and better safety.
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