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Among automatic garage doors the Craftsman 2/3hp chain drive garage door opener is rated number two in the 2013-2016 Best Garage Door Opener Comparisons and Reviews at the website Top Ten Reviews. Furthermore, the Craftsman is much less expensive than the only model that beat it and is sold by Sears and therefore easy to find. Should you ever need to purchase additional or replacement Craftsman garage door opener parts you will easily find the help you need.
Craftsman Garage Opener Parts
Automatic garage doors have come a long way since their inception. At first, they were the playthings for the rich, then they became more affordable as well as more sophisticated. At first, the novelty of a garage door sliding up and out of the way to permit a car to enter was deemed the height of innovation. However, once a system of having the door do so without any manual effort there was no turning back.

Over the years the doors have become not only less expensive but less noisy as well. One of the biggest innovations has been in the way the automatic opening feature worked. At first, automatic garage doors opened by a button inside the garage or by a key pad mounted on a posted near the end of the driveway. Wireless technology allowed for the remote controlled automatic garage door. As these became more popular, a problem arose as one person opening their own garage door often inadvertently triggered one or more of his neighbor’s garage doors to open as well. This problem was soon solved and several innovations later, a rolling code enables a homeowner to know that not only will they open only their own garage door and no one else’s but that their garage is safe from thieves.

Craftsmen carries a variety of chain drive and belt driven models of garage door openers. Additionally, there are other accessories and parts that make this brand of garage door an even greater value. Think you have a garage door that is too high for a Craftsman garage door opener; think again, an 8-inch or 10-inch Extension Kit can solve that problem. If you are adding a new driver to the household or are building another bay onto your garage, then switch to one of Craftsman’s Remote Control 3-Function models. These control panels are stronger than previous models and can work with any Craftsman Garage Door Openers built since 1993.

Craftsman garage door opener parts do more than just operate Craftsman products or just activate garage doors. Craftsman’s Plug-in Light Control enables homeowners to activate lights as well as other appliances with their Craftsman remote control. In addition, the Universal Receiver made by Craftsman will upgrade most brands of garage doors made after 1993.

Among the bright idea that came about after automatic garage doors became popular was the idea of a security light in the garage so that the driver would not have to transverse a dark garage. Craftsman has an upgraded safety and convenience feature with its Craftsman® Garage Door Monitor. Those who lay in bed wondering if the garage door is up or down can use the monitor to determine the position of up to 4 garage doors.

Sears stands behind its brands and Craftsman carries replacement parts for all of its products. Regardless of whether a customer needs to replace the infrared electronic eye for their door, fix the gear, or the switch assembly the customer can always find what they need. 
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